Egnal Ramd

Somewhere in 1992 Egnal Ramd came in contact with Hardcore cause of his older brother who bought the cd "Technotrance 3" on it was the track: De Euromasters-Alles Naar de Kl#te. Some still consider that track as the first speedcore-track. In the 90's Egnal Ramd was always listening hardcore and he was specially fascinated by the higher bpm tracks.

Egnal Ramd was always fascinated by the future of hardcore, thinking that mainstream would get faster and sicker. But later on there was nobody in the mainstream hardcore who came up with a higher range of bpm. Trough the Internet he found a world with a lot of Terror. And after listening This is Terror in 2002, he started producing his own music. He started with up-tempo hardcore, later on Terror and time passed by, sound became faster so he started with speedcore. 

In 2004 Egnal Ramd came in contact with mc Shithead who helped him out with some screams and vocals. During the years he developed and improved his technics and produced more tracks.

Egnal Ramd played live sets in Germany, the UK and all corners of Holland. He still brings the shit to your doorstep only. Beware of a set full of industrial nightmarisch hard porn speedcore.