Nick J. Swarth

Dichter en performer Nick J. Swarth beweegt zich door het B-plot van zijn bestaan als een ongeboren vrucht in een blikje tuttifrutti. Hij j was  van 2005 tot 2007 de stadsdichter van zijn Tilburg. Hij is de auteur van eigentijdse, zij het verwaarloosde klassiekers als ‘Mijn onsterfelijke lever’ (2012); ‘¡Mondo Manga!’ (2010); ‘Naked City Poems’ (2007) en ‘De napalmsessies’ (2005).

Messias Live

For some time now Messias has been producing his own sound using drumcomputers and synthesysers. Several years back he used them predominately to make raw deep tekno / acid sets on both the legal as well as the illegal underground party's. Throughout the years Messias' sound has evolved to a more dark-techno-acid-chicago/house style with ripping high hats and deep funky basslines..

Rockin' Robbish

The Coffinmusician from Tilburg (the Netherlands).


Walpurgisnacht will summon its unholy sounds from the pool of perdition

Egnal Ramd

Somewhere in 1992 Egnal Ramd came in contact with Hardcore cause of his older brother who bought the cd "Technotrance 3" on it was the track: De Euromasters-Alles Naar de Kl#te. Some still consider that track as the first speedcore-track. In the 90's Egnal Ramd was always listening hardcore and he was specially fascinated by the higher bpm tracks.

Martin Degville

Martin Degville, former frontman of Sigue Sigue Sputnik, a.k.a.  'the Gods of electronic rock and roll' in the '80's.