This year, BUTFF will recieve a very special guest.

La Vie Sexuelle des Belges

IN THE PRESENCE OF THE DIRECTORLa Vie des Belges Sexuelle, a wacky film about the adventures of a true anarchist,looking for the nice thi


On a campsite at the Belgian coast a representative of the Ministry has the assignment to bring culture to the working class. The residents of the trailer-park prefer to watch football, a boxing match or a beauty contest. They are not interested in an interview with the famous writer Pierre Mertens. Because they are far away from home there's also the desire to have a few sexual adventures or start a love affair. Far from home, the campsite is the place where everyone wants to spend time in freedom and forget the obligations of everyday life.

With Herman Brusselmans as an anarchist camping poet, and the unforgettable screen appearance of Lolo Ferrari!

Jan Bucquoy will gladly answer your questions after the screening

La Vie sexuelle des Belges 2: Camping Cosmos, 1996, 88 min, Belgium, Dutch and French spoken , EN subs, dir Jan Bucquoy