Stephen Amis

25th Reich, 80 min, Australië, English spoken, no  subs, dir Stephen Amis

The 25th Reich:In 1943 five soldiers are assigned a secret mission.  A mission during which they will not only cross the border but in which they will end up in a time that is not their own. Through land and time they will have to travel and fight to put a stop to Hitler's 25th Reich! But what they are unaware of is that they are not the only ones on the road. They will have to battle the Nazis’ not only to save the mission but perhaps to save the word! Stephen Amis likes to cross genres. In The 25th Reich we have a mix of a WWII war film and an unusual science. A combination reminding you of old films and how they used to be served to us. 25th Reich, 80 min, Australië, English Spoken, No subs , dir Stephen Amis [video: width:460 align:center]