Wilhelm Hein

Wilhelm Hein (Duisburg 1940) together with his wife Birgit (Berlin 1942), with whom he co-created from 1966 to 1990, are considered internationally as two of the main representatives of the German avant-garde in cinema. The Heins' radical films, as well as their great contribution in the organization and proliferation of the movement, marked the revival of the cinematic avant-garde, especially for Germany, at the end of the sixties. In a period of tremendous mobilization in all aspects of the arts, the Heins through a series of publications, exhibitions, educational manifestoes, screenings and performances, establish in Cologne a divergent "bee-hive" for the international Underground cinema.

You Killed The Underground

You killed the underground...Kill Kill poster

Duitsland, 120 min, Engels gesproken, geen ondertitelsWilhelm Hein neemt je in deze documentaire mee in de wereld van de underground door