Richard Griffin

Blood Brunch Movie: Exhumed, 91 min, USA, Engels gesproken, geen subs, dir Richard Griffin, geen

Nightmare Box

A woman wakes up trapped inside a room with no memory of her past.

Debbie Rochon

Cult icon of the horror genre,Debbie Rochon, Scream Queen of the Decade.

A warped and mysterious family for unknown reasons unable to leave the house they live in.  A strange brood decide to turn their captivity into a sick and violent game,  challenging their very reality and putting all of their lives in great jeopardy.

Debbie Rochon will be attend the movie screening. Introducing the movie and answer questions. Take this unique opportunity to make acquaintance with this legendary actress and learn more about her work!

Blood Brunch Movie: Exhumed, 91 min, USA, English spoken , no subs, dir Richard Griffin,  Debbie Rochon Attending

Sat 07 Sep - 16:00 to 18:00
Nieuwe Veste Theaterhall 2

A BUT inspired Misery event from the min