Lilia Scheerder

Lilia Scheerder (Eindhoven, 1986) is a performance artist, printmaker and organiser of cultural events. . Her performances are inspired by music and live performances by musicians. She has been working on integrating this element into her work as good as possible for several years. Since 2007 she has been working with her partner Lars Leeuw on a regular base. He is a musician and philosopher himself. This makes that her work can these days be defined as sound performance with a strong visual element. Lilia has worked with several other musicians. She also makes installations and etchings. For the latter she received the van Stokkum funding from the graphic studio Daglicht in Eindhoven in 2009. Her visual work is often developed at the same time as a performance and plays an important role in it. An installation can be a scenery or can contain functional objects, musical instruments for instance. Lilia has a broad interest in Chinese performance art and participated in several performance art festivals in China and Taiwan.