Dagmar Pachtner

Dagmar Pachtner (1961) mainly focuses on sculptures, art in public space, installations, video art, and photography. She searches for traces in a conceptual and documentary way. The respective location and its history inspire the artist and become part of her work. She exhibited in Germany, Bulgary and Japan.
In 1998 Dagmar Pachtner developed the Holocaust memorial in the city park of Ingolstadt. In 2002, she made the impressive multi-media Installation Überschreitung (Overstepping) for the Heilig-Geist Church in Landshut. Along with the memorial in Ingolstadt, it is the artist's most important work so far. Her work is influenced by her workingperiods in Japan in 2001, 2004, 2006 en 2007. This influenced the way she looks at her own culture forever.