Zombie movies are a very fragmented genre, but no sub-genre is quite like the Tiroler Zombie flick. A group of snowboarders find themselves stuck at a remote resort.


People are no more than primates living in houses and having learned to speak. There's only a very thin line between us and complete savagery and stupidity.

Holiday Road

American holidays, they have a lot, and not all of them are clear the Netherlands.

Gangster Exchange

The yakuza has a drugs deal with the Serbian mob. That is not so strange, but how the deal is executed is the strange part.

Saturday Morning Massacre

Four teenagers and a dog are looking into paranormal events to solve the mystery behind it. Does this sound familiar?

Afterman 2

Afterman 2 is naturally the sequel to the first Afterman. Rob van Eyck again takes viewers into a world that is too weird for words.

Bloody Bloody Bible Camp

A bible camp in the woods, that is asking for problems. And that is exactly what this movie will deliver.

Crack Whore

As an crack addict you need to get money all the time. Honey, a whore  sells her body at good prices to get her fix. She runs into a number of Hillbilly's.

A Little Bit Zombie

Four people travel to the woods for the wekend. Sounds like a 1980's slasher? Well, it's not. Prepare for a low budget zomedy.

Phoebe Phoenix

Phoebe Phoenix was the best bodyguard of Peer Hoyshrek, the most successful music producer of his galaxy.