Sella Turcica poster

Fred Vogel

As one of Horror’s most Notorious Directors Fred starting his career as a special effects artist.

USA, 106 min, English spoken, no subtitles

A mysterious accident causes Bradley to go home on early leave from his military service. At home, things keep getting worse for Bradley, despite the support from his family, which causes extra tension within the family. The tensions are relieved in a truly Toetag-worthy manner…

Sella Turcica is the second “normal” horrorfilm from Fred Vogel and Toetag pictures. Those familiar with the Toetag’s earlier shocking work and are expecting something similar will be completely surprised. Fred takes us with him in the story at his own temp, until you can no longer return. The result is one we would expect from Fred: over the top guts and gore that can only come from Toetag.