Retard-O-Tron 3 Guest

Roelewapper and Robin

So, here it is. Retard-O-Tron III! The long wait is over, and the insanity is once again about to commence. ROT3 is a demented but fun hell-ride through that bad neighborhood of video, TV, porn, home videos, cinema, and found footage. It's the dvd you put on at a party to find out who your real friends are!

What's that? You want some fun facts about Retard-O-Tron III? Here you go:

* This third volume is being released at BUT 2013. Mark your calendar, because that is when the riots start.

* Retard-O-Tron I was released in December 2005, and Retard-O-Tron II in December 2008. Retard-O-Tron was a major inspiration on a whole underground movement of modern generation of mixtapers, and this new volume of filth, crusty wizardry, and emotional nausea is expected to save freedom, cure depression, and inspire nightmares.

* The running time is 90 minutes, and there is a drunken-yet-informative audio commentary by Cinema Sewer/Sleazy Slice magazine creator Robin Bougie and friends amongst the extra features on the dvd release.

* As with the previous volumes, a free downloadable version will also be made available.

*The dvd version can be bought from the dvd section of the Cinema Sewer online store, which is located here:

* 3 years of work were put into compiling offbeat and wonderful clips from around the globe from a variety of sources, and unlike the earlier volumes, only "original edits" make up the running time. As with each successive volume, it is a far superior product, and editor Roelewapper and presenter Robin Bougie are thrilled to bring it to you!

If you have more questions about what it feels like to be a fucking god, contact Roelewapper at:

and Robin at:

We are also ready and willing to provide interviews, screener copies, farts, and compliments about who you are, and what you can be in this life.

Retard-O-Tron 3, 90 min, Live Commentaar, NL gesproken