Godfrey Ho

Godfrey Ho

Contemporary Porn

'Everything you always wanted to know about Porn but where afraid to ask'.

We're going to dig into the remarkable film techniques of Godfrey Ho - this director took his chances to 'upgrade' dusty Chinese and Filipino action movies with the hype of the moment: NINJA'S.  At the most illogical moments throwing stars will be flying on the screen!

Taekwondo master and philosopher Y.K. Kim had similar ambitions. His Martial Arts Rockband is forced to confront motorcycling Ninjas in 'The Miami Connection'. The delightfully embarrassing dialogues are largely compensated by the soundtracks synthesizer hits by Angelo Jannotti.

 If at this point you hackles did not flee the hall, the sight of samurai undercover agent Joe Marshall will surely get that done. His fight against the Yakuza is hampered by his wig that keeps bothering him ... or are we al of a sudden looking at a very different actor?,  you'll about to find out in the trailer of 'Samurai Cop'.

Yours going be surprised even more by the sheer number of Rambo, Mad Max & Terminator clones that were released on VHS, to say the least for the logo animations that the different labels put on before the main feature.

VHS mix-tape plus feature film, 120 min

Night of Error, 90 min, Live Commentary, Dutch spoken, met guest.