The Bunny game poster

USA, 2010, 76 min, English spoken, no subtitles.

Bunny is an addict and a prostitute who stumbles from job to job to keep up with her addiction. A trucker who picks her up seems to be just another client – until she wakes up tied up in the back of the truck with a camera pointed on her. What follows is a hell full of torture and humiliation until she comes to peace with herself.

The Bunny Game is not meant for the sensitive viewer – Adam Rehmeier does not hold back the gruesome acts that Bunny has to endure in this black and white film with little dialogue. Despite the torture, The Bunny Games is not just another “torture porn” movie – it is a film wherein the victim can come to terms with herself. You could almost call it a “coming of age” film, in the rawest and most extreme form.