Sat.08 Sep

Screening Art / Crime & uitreiking BUTawards 2012

In 2009, Rémy Couture, a special effects makeup artist from Quebec was arrested by the police. He now faces charges for obscenity and corruption of morality. Montreal's police was responding to a complaint regarding pictures coming from his website Inner The website is no loger availiable, yet the images are availible on BREAK, via Rue Morgue 666.

One must say that the images and films displayed look so realistic, the police can hardly be blamed for thinking the images were real. The level of special effects in the hands of a true master like Rémy has become this high, that no man can tell the difference anymore. This raises important artistic, ethical and unfortunately also legal questions.

ART/CRIME discusses violence, fiction and censorship in movies but also in the loosely regulated environment that the Web still represents. The documentary allows many, like underground movie director Nacho Cerda (Aftermath), Robert Morin and Patrick Senechal to present their thoughts on the matter.

Sat 08 Sep - 20:00 to 22:00
Nieuwe Veste theaterzaal

Screening Art / Crime & uitreiking BUTawards 2012