Walpurgisnacht will summon its unholy sounds from the pool of perdition

23.00 Black Friday

Friday, September 9th, is Black Friday. The film ‘Until the light takes us’ about the eighties’ Black Metal scene is scheduled for the film programme. Three Satanic/Pagan bands will launch their gloom across the Boulevard with 666 miles an hour. First to the altar is Aderlating, blood and energy draining, nausea inducing 20 khz drones, celebrate the death of everything. After that it’s the turn of Walpurgisnacht to summon its unholy sounds from the pool of perdition. For anyone still left standing, there is Cirith Gorgor. This band has been banging around the metal stages in various incarnations for a few years. Speedy, loudly, massively and ruthlessly, they will launch their fast orchestral black metal into the audience.