Albert Pyun

Pyun can be called pioneer of the genre during the heydays of actionfilms with movies like 'Cybor

Captain America. Albert Pyun's Director's Cut:

In the 40s the allies needed a super weapon to fight the Nazis’. In collaboration with a German scientist they developed a super serum able to create a whole new type of soldier. This super soldier, 'Captain America' has been frozen into a big Block of ice due to a twist of faith. Years later he is set free from his icy prison and discovers that his nemesis; The Red Skull, is still active.

Sounds familiar? Good, you know about the Marvel films which have immense popularity with both critics and fanatics worldwide. This film we are showcasing is not the Captain America everyone is familiar with. In 1990 Albert Pyun has also made a film about this popular superhero. His cut of this film is exclusively screened during the BUTFF.


Captain America DC, 97 min, USA, English spoken, no subs, dir Albert Pyun